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Blockchain Integrations

We use blockchain technology to update your business financial processes, allowing you to benefit from the world of digital assets and unlock new opportunities.
We also integrate blockchain networks into your existing centralized systems to provide you with a better, more secure way of recording and verifying transactions. 


Our Key Offerings:


We build robust and secure NFT marketplaces where creators can mint, buy, sell, and trade their unique digital assets. These marketplaces have user-friendly interactions and intuitive interfaces. We'll make sure that they're scalable and secure, so that they can grow with your business. We also provide ‘Lazy Minting’, an authorization that allows you to mint your NFTs on a late date. This stops you from losing money when the cost of minting is high.

Wallet Integrations:

We integrate popular cryptocurrency wallets like MetaMask into a number of platforms. This allows customers to securely connect, manage and interact with their digital assets on your platform.

DApp Development

We integrate Moralis and Infura into DApps, to enhance the application’s performance, reliability, and user control. Both platforms provide us the infrastructure and backend services that we need to develop blockchain technology, specifically for Ethereum. We use this to integrate blockchain technology into your business operations, specifically linking it to Smart Contracts.

Distributed Ledgers

We have plenty of experience with distributed ledger technologies like Ethereum. As such, we are able to develop decentralized applications and smart contracts that will improve and automate your financial processes.

Smart Contracts

We automate the contract enforcement process by adding the agreement into the code. This means that the code will include certain predefined conditions, which allows it to execute and enforce the agreements in the contracts.

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