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February 23, 2024

Apothēka Patient Telehealth

Invotyx developed the Apoteka Patient telehealth app for both Android and iOS. The  HIPAA compliant app can be integrated with any EHR to facilitate 24/7 communication...

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December 2, 2022


The SAAS base HER system is based in Oklahoma and has been operational since 1998. In early 2002, we took charge of its development and support...

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August 9, 2019

World Health Organization (WHO)

Our team worked on a NLP-AI based project for the WHO. We developed 20 chatbots, which aimed to provide stress relief for anxiety patients with suicidal...

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June 3, 2020


Invotyx worked on this Telehealth App back in 2017. With an aim to improve access to healthcare, the company wanted to target the under-served communities in...

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June 3, 2020


Our grocery app platform offers complete suit for grocery merchants to automate their order taking and buying process. Which results in better buying experience for customers...

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