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Web App Development

We develop high quality, dynamic web apps; specializing in both MERN stack and LAMP Stack to develop applications that are secure and cover a broad range of functionalities.

Our Key Offerings:

MERN Stack

We develop tailored web applications using frameworks like MongoDB, Express.js, React and Node.js, The Single Page Applications are very responsive, allowing for smooth user interactions. They also utilize scalable APIs and use WebSoc to.implement real time features.

LAMP Stack

We also develop custom web applications using frameworks likeLinux, Apache, MySQL, PHP,Python and Perl. They can be customized with MySQL, CMS, Web Services and APIs.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

We utilize PWAs to provide users with a native app-like experiences; through the inclusion of features like push notifications and offline access, and through the ability to add the web application icon to their homescreen.

Serverless Architecture

We use platforms like AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and Google Cloud Functions to develop apps that have a serverless architecture.

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