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Conferencing Solutions

We specialize in developing conferencing solutions that facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among teams, regardless of their physical locations. Our focus is on delivering user-friendly interfaces and robust backend infrastructure to ensure smooth and reliable virtual meetings, boosting productivity and enhancing team collaboration.


Our Key Offerings:

WebRTC Solutions

We can leverage WebRTC to provide you with a more tailored solution. It will be scalable and secure, with custom features and cross platform compatibility. We can also ensure that it can integrate into your existing systems so that the video conferencing will support your existing communications.

VoIP Solutions

We work with Twilio, Agora, Bandwidth and Telnex; each option has its own features and advantages so we will be able to pick the one that suits your needs the best. The advantage of choosing a VoIP solution over a WebRTC option is that they supply us with pre-made platforms, which can integrate video conferencing into your apps. So, it’s a faster solution that can be better if you have a more constrained budget. But it can’t be customized in the same way. So, when choosing between the two options, it’s important to take your specific requirements into consideration.

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