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Is Your EMR Becoming Obsolete?

Getting Frustrated ?

The market moves very quickly, which can make it difficult to navigate the changes to avoid falling behind.

Avoiding the new Platform Integrations?

If you aren’t updating the platform integrations, you could be driving your customers away.

Not updating your Cloud Infrastructure?

Is this because of the constant development costs?

Retaining Engineering Talent

In today’s competitive business landscape, retaining engineering talent is a critical challenge that organizations must address to ensure sustained success.

Worried About the Hippa Compliance ?

To ensure the security of patient records, the HIPAA regulations undergo frequent updates, making it challenging to stay informed about these changes and prevent falling behind. If you’ve been neglecting these updates, they may accumulate over time, potentially causing issues.

We Understand The Struggles

  • It can be difficult to keep your product up to date while ensuring that the maintenance & upgrade costs don’t exceed your budget.
  • It can be incredibly frustrating to build a product development team that understands business limitations, studies the ever-changing market and timely builds features that matter the most.

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We Can Help You With

Invotyx Expertise In Healthcare

Invotyx has more than decade of experience, building products that help companies stay at the forfront of the healthcare sector.

We have a highly skilled product development team & an effective system that can help you identify and build your product.

Infact, Healthcare is one of the industries that we specialize in.

Invotyx Track

We’ve worked on number of projects within healthcare sector.

This has allowed us to combine our technical expertise with a deep understanding of healthcare industry.

We are dedicated to helping companies streamline their operations, enhance customer experience, and encourage better health outcomes.

Compliance-Driven Approach

Skilled in healthcare regulations(HIPAA, HITECH, ACA, etc.) integrate compliance in product development.

Our products support compliance monitoring and facilitate building effective healthcare solutions.

We utilize OpenEMR for managing patient records, appointments, and customizing medical practice systems.

Build a team

  • Assess your hiring needs with our experts
  • Book a call with our staffing experts to line up candidates.
  • Start interviewing pre-verified and experienced engineers who are specifically trained for the US medical market.

Build a Product

  • Get a free development assessment.
    We’ll ask you to fill in a dev sheet, so that we can understand your project requirements and send you a detailed break down.
  • Book a call to discuss timeline, budget and expectations.
  • Connect with our project manager to start development.


  • Don’t let old development habits make you obsolete for the market.
  • Remember an unrefined development process forces you to build products no one uses.
  • And a mismatched team member is the first indicator of an organization’s bad health.
  • Rise with the high tide of disruption, find relief in always staying in sync with the market
  • Let us help you become a cutting-edge problem solver for the health industry again, let us build you high-functioning teams that make work fun.

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